Sunday School

First and foremost we are disciples, those who sit at the feet of our teacher, Jesus Christ, and follow His footsteps. Because we are disciples, we believe in learning for a lifetime. We have several education opportunities in the form of Sunday school classes for people of all ages, regular Bible studies (both long-term and short-term), and small groups. Every one of our classes is open to newcomers, so find the one that fits you best!


Children’s Class

This interactive, fun class is led by a creative teacher.  Each Sunday the children learn a new Bible story through skits, reading and activities.


Friendship Class

This long-established class has a relaxed atmosphere with great fellowship. They read Scripture and discuss along the way. The fellowship extends to a pot-luck dinner on the 2nd Friday of each month at 6:30pm…everyone is welcome!


Wesleyan Class

Led by an experienced teacher with an excellent style, this class discusses a wide-range of Bible based topics using a variety of literature as a guide. Like the founder of Methodism after which it is named, this group always seeks “Scriptural holiness.”


Alternative Rock Class

Established by a group of friends hungry for short-term contemporary studies, this diverse group discusses relevant issues to our time and our lives in faith. They use Scripture, DVD studies, and the wisdom of the group to guide them in relevant discussions about faith and everyday life. This group is always welcome to new perspectives…especially yours!