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Pumpkins Are On the Way…

    We have already received many requests from pre-schools to come to the patch to have “story-time” and pick out their very own “Little Spooky” pumpkin. This is such a great time of year, cool crisp air and visions of changing leaves, pumpkins to decorate, and remember, all our proceeds go to the many missions we support.

    We will be open for business starting Monday, October 15 with story-time beginning on Tuesday at 9:30- 12.

    Of course, we need volunteers to sell pumpkins and tell stories at story time.  Patch hours will be 12-7 (two shifts, 12-4, 4-7).  We only need a couple of people for the 12-4 shift and probably three during the 4-7 slot.  If you would like to help with story time (read pumpkin stories to groups of kids), consider signing up to read one day each week (every Tuesday during the patch, for example) or share a day with someone and rotate weeks. There are  sign up sheets on the bulletin board next to the church office.

    We also need carts or wheelbarrows.  Be sure to put your name on the cart so we can return it to you after the patch.   Contact Katie  918-743-2940 to volunteer your time or wagons.

    Come support your church and have a great time meeting and visiting with old and new customers, sharing with them the news about our missions, as well as visiting and getting reacquainted with members of our own congregation. Tell all your neighbors to come to the

    If you have any questions, please call Katie 743-2940 or Linda at the church office 743-2013.


 Here are important dates  for  our  orange invasion:

  • October 10th, 5pm—set up day for the big tent and the orange fencing around the patch.
  • October (time not yet determined)—straw  delivered.
  • October  14th—PUMPKINS ARRIVE, after service and lunch (pizza)—Come dressed in clothes to help unload the truck (or bring a change!).
  • October 15th—Patch Officially Opens (Patch hours are 12-7, with two shifts 12-4, 4-7)
  • October 16th—Story Time Begins (Story Time hours are 9:30 -12:00 Tuesday-Friday)
  • October 28th—Trunk or Treat
  • October 31st—Last Day of Patch and Great Pumpkin Gifts




The Burden of Death

Mark Flynn, a United Methodist Minister tells the following story.  “I arrived at Gethsemane Abbey, a Trappist monastery in Kentucky, for a retreat the day after a monk had died.  While preparations were made for the service and guests were arriving, his body was covered with a pall and laid in the sanctuary near the altar.  Just as they had been next to him during his illness, the monks all took turns, two at a time, sitting at this brother’s side, singing the Psalms.  My lasting impression of that experience was that for these people, death was not a lonely isolated experience.  Death was something that came to them while they were surrounded by the community of faith.

When I came home and told a Bible study group about the experience, silence filled the room and hung there uncomfortably.  Finally, someone asked, ‘You don’t expect us to do that, do you?’

How different from a few years back—when there was no funeral homes.  At that time, the church prepared and buried their own.  Dying and death has never been easy, but at one time, it was understood as a burden we all took up together.  It was an opportunity, like other painful situations, to show loved ones our love.”

Flynn reminds us that death is an opportunity to share love with those who are in pain.  He encourages us to see death as “a burden we all take up together.”  How different the dying experience would be for us all if we truly shared the burden of death together instead of denying its power, ignoring its reality, trying to escape its sorrow.

So…I invite you to share in the burden of the death of Jesus Christ and his journey to the cross.  Please be aware that this month we will walk with him as a Christian community.  Please embrace the power of his death, the reality of his suffering, the sorrow experienced when we understand why he died.  Only as we share the burden of his journey to death will we be able to fully rejoice in the miracle of his resurrection.

Peace, Tracy


junk mail

Junk Mail—What can you do? – free, quick way to get your name off commercial mailing lists. – opt out of pre-approved credit card and insurance offers online or by phone: 1-888-5-OPTOUT.

Recycle it! Make sure it does not contain any of your personal info, then bring it to the recycling bin in the church parking lot. SHUMC is paid based on the number of pounds of paper we recycle into the bin. Please note – the plastic address windows often used in junk mail envelopes are not recyclable, so do what I do and rip them out before tossing them in to the recycle bin.


All You Need is Love – Sunday, Feb. 12 – Agape Meal

Celebrate Valentine’s Day by coming to worship on Feb. 12th.  Our service will focus on love!  Song, prayers, sermon and Agape meal all focused on the love of God.

What is an Agape Meal?  The Agape Meal, or Love Feast, is a Christian fellowship meal that is often practiced in Covenant Discipleship groups or other small groups.

The New Handbook of the Christian Year gives this definition: “A simple, ritual meal in the context of which hymns are sung, Scripture is read, and testimonies and stories of faith are shared. John Wesley instituted this after the Moravian pattern. All such meals derive from Jewish and early church meals such as are referred to by Paul, and they symbolize the unity of fellowship in the love of Christ which the saints at rest will share. Signs of the agape are the loving cup and bread.”


The Image of a Loving Life

As we enjoy Valentine’s Day, and healthy heart month, as we begin new journeys, and as we think anew about what it means to have a life that is beautiful and full of grace and responsible to God’s purpose, perhaps this little story from Peter Gomes, pastor and professor, may inspire us to imagine a life better than the one we had yesterday.

At a special dinner, Gomes found himself sitting next to “a very large football player.”  Trying to make light conversation, Gomes asked him what he did.  The young man answered that he worked in sports theory.  Intrigued, Gomes asked him what sports theory was all about, and Gomes said that he explained it in simple enough terms that even he understood.  Gomes learned “that is was the process of imaging, of getting the brain to play through all the right plays over and over and over again, to anticipate and to respond in the brain so that the plays and the actions are patterned, and that by the time you actually do a play, on that one time the brain doesn’t know that you haven’t done it dozens and dozens of times before, and so has perfected your ability to perform.  It isn’t practice, this kid said to me, it’s imaging.”

Football players do this.  Musicians do this.  Public speakers do this.  Why can’t Christians do this?  What would it be like for you and me to image a life that is Christ-like, to invite our brains to play through a day that is courageous, a spirit that is repentant, a compassionate heart, and loving words.  Over and over again we can imagine such a life and as the pattern settles itself not only in our brains but in our hearts, then perfection of love becomes something to be grasped, if even for a moment.

Imaging a life of love is more than practicing in our minds what it might look like.  It is making real in our hearts a life that God calls us to perfect now.  May God engender in us the desire to do so, not only so that may experience a quality of life that is beautiful, but so that others may feel our love and believe and know a quality of life they have not known before.                  Peace, Tracy

Advent Calendar of Event 2011

Caroling, Communion and Baskets

Thursday, December 22 4:00-6:00 pm
Join us as we visit our shut-in members with communion, a little caroling, and gift basket.  If you wish to provide something for the basket, please bring it to the church office by Sun., Dec. 18th.   Starting at the church we will journey to homes and nursing centers with joy and love in hearts as we visit our wonderful church members and friends of the church who are unable to come to the church this Christmas.  If you know someone who would like a visit, please contact the church office.


Christmas Eve Worship Servcie

December 24 6:00pm
Every year the Christmas Eve Service is a special time to gather with the family of God, sing carols, and remember the birth of Christ.  This year, that tradition continues. Join us on December 24th at 6pm for this traditional service celebrating the newborn king!


Christmas Eve Baby Offering

For the past few years, we have tried a new way of giving an offering for Christmas Eve.  We extended our CARVE offering to include baby supplies (diapers, wipes, food, etc.).  What better way to celebrate the birth of our newborn king than to help His kids in our neighborhood who don’t have these important items.  So once again we’d like those who are coming to our Christmas Eve Service (December 24th, 6:00pm) to bring baby items and put them in the foyer.  These items will go to the South Tulsa Community House or Emergency Infant Services to help babies in our community.  Pampers, Gerber, and Enfamil may not be gold, frankincense, and myrrh…but I think Jesus will appreciate these gifts too!


Christmas Day Worship

December 25 11:00am
Music will be a large part of the Christmas Season’s Celebration this year.  The Choir will be presenting a Musical Piece that emphasizes each week of Advent.  We will also have dramatic presentations of Characters from the Bible that tell about the coming of the Christ Child, and will light each Advent candle.  Then the Nativity will be built with the addition to the Stable each week of the most important characters of the Christmas Story.  Please come and experience the Christmas Story in an unusual way each Sunday!